Reflection: “On Camera Photographers at the BBC”


Today you watched a documentary that documented a variety of photographers and in addition were able to see old BBC footage about photographers that have worked throughout the 20th/21st century.
You would have taken notes about the different photographers and hopefully on key points that these photographers made about their work.


The task for you IS a quiz. But as apposed to a formal fill in the blank exam you are expected to create a blog post

  1. Dictate the notes that you took. Be brief. I have watched the documentary. This is for your exploration and will be a starting point for future research. This should take the least amount of time

  2. MOST IMPORTANT: Reflect on the information that you gained. I expect to see personal reactions. What stood out? Was there an idea that inspired you? If so what was it? Why? I want to have an insight into what moves/interests/excites or disgusts you (if that is the case)

  3. Look more in depth at at least 1 of the photographers. I dont want a copy and paste from WIkipedia. I expect you to look at AT LEAST 3 different sources. You should be writing about their style from YOUR POINT OF VIEW whilst also dictating key points and historical information.


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