To celebrate International Women’s Day 2017, the editors of LensCulture have selected 30 female photographers whose work captivates and inspires us. These 30 women have created projects that were among the most popular projects published on LensCulture in the last year.

This list is full of stories that stood out because of their remarkable vision, innovation, and dedication to the medium. Of course, this list could not accommodate all of the amazing photographers who inspired us this year—no slight is intended.

Diana Markosian – Looking Inward
Dominika Gesicka – This is Not Real Life
Elena Anosova – Out-of-the-Way
Vanja Bucan – Anatomy of False Memories
Sophie Gabrielle – Bl_nk Sp_ce
Gioia de Bruijn – Weekend Warriors and Beyond
Jessica Kelly – Boys & Men
Sandra Hoyn – The Longing of the Others
Luisa Dorr – Maysa
Johanna Benaïnous and Elsa Parra – A Couple of Them
Weronika Gesicka – Traces
Sonja Hamad – Jin-Jiyan-Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom
Gohar Dashti – The Stateless, Placeless Desert
Rahima Gambo – Education is Forbidden
Diana Matar – Evidence
Kate Fichard – Scarecrows
Naomi Harris – Oh Canada
Birgit Püve – Estonian Documents
Alia Ali – People of Pattern
Laurence Rasti – There Are No Homosexuals in Iran
Fatemeh Behboudi – Mothers of Patience
Mary Calvert – The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America’s Military
Debi Cornwall – Gitmo at Home, Gitmo at Play
Annabel Oosteweeghel – Everlasting
Sandra Mehl – Ilona and Maddelena
Hannah Modigh – Hillbilly Heroin, Honey
Sara Lewkowicz – Maggie
Marta Berens – Suiti and Sami: Northern Love Stories
Laura Pannack – Youth Without Age, Life Without Death
Yan Preston – Mother River


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