Communication & Self Portraiture

We will be watching a bit of a video about body language, and how we place judgement on people base on this visual language.


(We will watch to 6m30sec) but feel free to watch the rest in your own time.

I want you to start to think about the “image” of yourself that you are wanting to put forward to your audience. Instead of just posing for the camera, perhaps trying to look pretty or handsome, think about intent. Perhaps you are taking a self portrait but also want to 

You will have the opportunity to use the studio today to try out taking some images. I challenge you to try out using body or facial expressions to change how you will look in a still image.

I encourage you to think about using a film based camera. This would allow you to create a portrait using the darkroom for your project, and additionally you will be able to use the images in your darkroom photography unit.

Additionally you are able to use the coloured lights if you wish.

Also consider how you can use art historical images as inspiration for your portraits. THis is also considered part of the visual language that you are creating with your portrait…

For example, I have also taken inspiration from art historical figures of the past:

The image on the right is by Photographer Edward Steichen. He would have layered up images from film, or even projected in a manner using the lace as a photogram.

I created mine digitally

The image on the right is by Man Ray and is a solarised black and white photographic image. I recreated it in a similar way in the darkroom, using directions found in a book.

So experiment!!!



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