Coloured Gels: Workshop

Students were tasked with bringing in objects that related to the Whittard’s Tea Caddy Competition. It could be any thing from a pumpkin to a dead leaf, the limits were their own imaginations as to what Autumn means to them! If nothing has been brought in, learners can use an arrangement from the collection of all objects, or go outside and collect from nature.

We will be setting up still-life’s in the studio

Still Life:

A collection of objects usually contrasting in texture that are then arranged together as a grouping.


Once Learners have decided on an arrangement we will be using coloured gels to affect the mood of the arrangement.

Coloured gels are coloured acetate that is placed in front of the Flash, thus making the light project a hue on to the object/subject, where it would normally just be ‘lighting the subject.


The intention is to primarily use the colour palette that was dictated in the competition:


However, you are welcome to experiment when we are in the studio. Additionally, if you complete at least an attempt at taking pictures of your own still life/colour arrangement; there will be an opportunity to attempt portraiture as well for extended experimentation.

Here are some examples of Images taken using coloured Gels:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is an example of shots I took this morning with a before and after showing how you can increase colour dramatics.


There are only 2 lights that you can put coloured gels on

Contrasting colours will give you more dramatic results

Using colours that naturally mix will not create dramatic results but will result in more of a general hue change. (eg Using Red and Yellow will make the image orange, using green and blue will make the colour a greeny blue but will not have a distinction of 2 different colours)

Think back to Colour Theory; using colours on the opposite side of the wheel will create a 2 tone shift where choosing neighbouring colours will mix and create a hue.



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