Todays Schedule

11-11:30 Watching A Video On Font

Matthew Carter: My life in Typefaces

11:30-12pm Blog Post: Response and Reflection

You are tasked with writing in a blog post what sort of font(s) will best reflect you when creating your logo, or designing your promotional material. You can list specific fonts, but I want you to indicate certain stylistic features (eg Serif, Sans, Bold etc…)

Remember that when creating a brand identity and planning a promotional campaign it is important to stay consistent. THerefore having a set of rules in your design concept will make it easier when you are designing the variety of material you have been tasked to create.

The following websites will help as a starting point to referencing certain fonts, and the psychology around them.

5 Principles for choosing and using typefaces

Font Psychology

Font Design

You are welcome to find your own point of reference.

13:00-16:00 Image Selection/Polldaddy

In this assignment you have been tasked with selecting images that best reflect the aims of your campaign. Essentially you will be curating these images in your “Online Gallery”. As this is just a quick introduction to you, your skills and abilities, it is better to be succinct then to give your viewers too much.

For example if you want to disply photo retouching skills, perhaps you need to just have one example for each type, instead of multiple images of the same technique.

If you are showing landscape photography then having multiple images of the same location would be less advisable then a single image from different locations under different lighting.

The best advice is to get feedback on the images that you are selecting from to narrow down to your best set.

I recognise that you may not have gotten to this point yet, however you are tasked to create a blog post in which you display your images that you are narrowing down, and the get feedback on those.

Using WordPress you will need to create multiple polls that will help you to narrow down your choices.

To create an in-document poll you need to enable the polldaddy plug in if you are using wordpress. If not you will need to create a polldaddy account and embed on your site. LINK TO POLL DADDY


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