Wednesday December 7th


You are expected to take detailed notes for Assignment 4 which you will get after Lunch.
  1. Following On From Saturday at Mill Road Winter Fair we will be sharing feedback in a group from those of us that went to the fair (Tom, Zoe, Jack, Lillian and Josh). I will also update you on promotion so far of your campaign.

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2) We will do a stock take and cash count.

3) Next week from 11am-2pm we have been allocated a table in the Mall to sell any and all left over stock, we will need to make a Rota as only 4 people will need to be at the table at any given time.

4) In preparation for next week we will need to decide on any additional signage that will need to be made as well as plan any additional display techniques. We will assign tasks to be completed in the afternoon

13:00-14:00 ASSIGNMENTS & Notifications.

First I will draw your attention to the Additional Resources part of this website which I have been updating regularly with helpful and interesting articles pertaining to photography, as well as a new post on competitions which you should all are tasked to apply for at least one.

1) I will go over the previous assignment which should have been turned in, it should be emailed to me (if it has not already been) before next Wednesday, I also need the half term homework emailed to me. I will be providing feedback after the sale in the Mall Next Wednesday at 2pm.

2) I will go over your next assignment, a post can be found HERE documenting the brief. I will hand out copies of receipts and any data already generated.

3) Anything we did not cover in the morning session in regards to data collection will be conducted after I introduce the brief

14:00-16:00: Prep For Next Week

1) Creating any new signage/organising all stock for next weeks sale

2) We will put the two 50p coins up on EBay to raise extra funds for the charity.



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