Assignment 4

Please Note that Assignment 2 and 3 are ongoing and will not be evaluated till the end of the unit. But information provided in this assignment contributes to grading criteria P2,P3, and M3.

Assignment 1 Should have been emailed to me by now along with the supportive homework assignment you were meant to do over half term break. If you want a refresher you can view the blog post that stipulates Assignment 1 HERE and for the homework HERE

Below you will find your Brief for Assignment 4. You are to write a full evaluation that will be used by next years students conducting the Promotional Campaign at Mill Road Winter Fair.


Written Evaluative Report: 1000 Word MINIMUM

 Now that we have had the market stall at Mill Road Winter Fair (and the stall in the Mall) you are tasked at writing a report evaluating the campaign. In class we will collate all the data and you will need to break it down in to an evaluation of the whole campaign.

 Use the data collated:

  • Stock Take Before and After
  • What Sold/What Did Not=Image & Product Evaluation
  • Cost of Production vs Total Sums Earned
  • Verbal Feedback from Customers
  • Any Monetary Discrepincies
  • Use of Collection tubs + Selling Merchandise
  • Amount of people selling at the stall
  • Prices asked For Each Item, evaluated
  • Receipts of items purchased
  • Profit Margin

The evaluation needs to be concluded with your suggestions for next years Market Stall.


 Report On Campaign

  • All Data and Maths documented showing information in a readable format. Consider using charts and graphs to exemplify your findings. Follow Above For information to Include.
    • Include Copies of Receipts For Purchases
    • Any documentation any Camera Shots of Group Work on WhiteBoard
    • If you talk about specific items you should include an image.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the choices made
      • Image Choices (Look at all of the data for this not just yours)
      • Product Choices (What sold well, what did not)
      • Customer feedback (And what you gather from that information)
      • Signs and Display: Issues and Solutions On The Day
      • Was the intent clear, could it have been done better?
    • Self Evaluation
      • Write about your specific products, evaluate the effectiveness of the images and how you could have improve upon it.
    • Summative Evaluation 250 Word Minimum
      • Break Down all of the data and your findings previously expressed into a concise summative evaluation written in a style that gives next years campaign a better chance at success based on this years findings.
      • Give examples of other work found on line (look at shops selling cards and similar materials) to show example and reference to any suggestions or criticisms given.

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