Half Term Homework

Planning A Promotional Campaign: Initial Research

PART 1: While you are out and about over half term I want you to look for promotional material that is for sale or free in and around the area you are in. It could be Postcards, Pamphlets, Tourist maps etc. I want you to take images of these and upload to a blog post as initial research in to types of promotional material you can create for Mill Road Winter Fair.

Part 2: Pick one type from the primary research you did in Part 1 (i.e. Postcard) And I want you to research the format. For example for a postcard, look at different dimensions they could be in, use examples found online, and write an analysis of how you could produce this form of promotional material.

Part 3: I want you to post your 20 best images from the Cambridge Trip

You can do this in one blog post or in three separate ones, it is up to you.


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