Example Research For Assignment 1

Example research below:

1: A photo/screenshot etc. Of the promotion you are referring to…


2: What is it made of:

Presumably card and paper, printed in large sections to cover the billboard

3) how is it distributed/how does it reach its audience?

It is located on a very busy street in Sydney Australia, so it is reaching its viewers as they drive/walk by

4) where it came from

It was most likely commissioned by the western Australia museum.

5) what it’s promoting

Its promoting a wildlife photography exhibition

6) who you think the audience is

People that are interested in both wildlife, or marine life, as well as Australian history and photography

7) do you think it’s effective?

I think it’s more effective in promoting marine life than it is promoting photography

8) What could be different to make it more effective, why?

There should be more stunning images, and it should be more clear that it is promoting a photographic exhibition, because it may not be reaching that target audience, which it should because it would be interesting to photographers if they knew it was happening…

9) Any comparison? You can then compare this promotion to anything to support any of your claims

I researched other billboards by photography galleries I know, like ‘the photographers gallery’ and their posters seem more effective (See below example)This is because their focus is more on a great image than on what is in the image, which means it will catch a photographer’s eye better.


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