Critiquing Art

Critiquing is fundamental to the development and growth of an artist. It not only allows the artist to learn how to take criticism (an eventual and integral part of being an artist/designer). But also allows you as an artist to learn how to look at art and critically analyse it (this is where critique comes from.

In class I will be giving a short PowerPoint (Below) on how to critique in photography, and we will then be doing a workshop to get used to doing this.

The questions you will be focussing on are:

  1. Where is your eye first drawn to when looking at the picture

  2. What do you like about the picture?

  3. Is there anything you think that could be done to make this picture better?

  4. What type of photography would you call this picture? (ie portrait, landscape etc…)

After I will be displaying some of your photography work for us to start and get comfortable with the act of critiquing.



Write a blog post giving feedback on the experience. Try to write about the pros and cons. Why is it important to learn how to critique? Why not?

Further Articles to look at


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