The Guy Who Designed I ♥ NY

miltonMilton Glaser’s work is easy to spot in a lineup — it’s simple, direct and clear, while leaping over conceptual boundaries, so that his work connects directly to the viewer like a happy virus. His best-known work may be the I ♥ N Y logo — an image so ubiquitous, it’s hard to believe there was a time when it didn’t exist.

Glaser’s other well-known work includes a cache of posters that defined the style of the ’60s and early ’70s, and numerous logos, including such instantly familiar identities as Barron’s and the Brooklyn Brewery. He is a co-founder of New York magazine and helped set that magazine’s honest and irreverent tone.

Recently he’s been exploring the space where paintings and graphic design meet. A show in 2007 celebrated his explorations of Piero della Francesca’s work. The 2009 filmTo Inform and Delight: The World of Milton Glaser tells the story of his celebrated career.

We will be watching a TED TALKS Video in class where Milton Glaser talks about some key design concepts and shows the development of an idea. I want learners to think about believing in their own work, and about learning how to talk about their ideas, and have an ability to criticise their own work. Year 1’s will be watching to help them to start seeing this important concept when undergoing a workshop I will be delivering in how to Critique. Year 2’s will be using this as contextual research to their “1 Square Mile” Project to disseminate the ideas around self reflection an analysis when looking at their final piece(s).


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